Reinventing Your Bathroom Space

Reinventing Your Bathroom Space

Reinventing Your Bathroom Space

Your bathroom plays an important functional role. It is essential to maximise the use of this space since everyone in the household uses it. It should be not only functional but can also stylish and comfortable. Whether you want to make minor upgrades or go for a complete overhaul, a renovation can make a difference in the feel of your home. Create the bath of your dreams with these smart design ideas and tips.

Lighting Ambience

Most people usually overlook the importance of bathroom lighting. Instead, they focus on other areas like living rooms, hallways, and kitchens. However, given the time we spend in our bathrooms, we should start giving more thought on how we illuminate the space. Additionally, bathroom lighting beautifies the room and helps keep everyone in the family safe and improves task concentration and effectiveness.
Some bathroom routines like washing, shaving, grooming, and putting on makeup require good lighting for accuracy and effectiveness. It would be best if you have good lighting at the right angles to be able to look proper and ready for the day. You might miss a spot when shaving or appear at work with uneven eyebrows.

The bathroom can also be a place of accidents. It is often damp and slippery, making you prone to slipping and falling onto the floor. So you may want to get some good vanity lights around your mirror and keep your bathroom bright and well-lit to keep you and your family safe.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when planning for bathroom lights:

        • Vanity lights placed above or on both sides of the mirror will prevent shadows from falling on your face.
        • Avoid fluorescent lights. If possible, go for light with dimmers so you can easily adjust the brightness in the bathroom according to the mood and use.
        • Set a light over the bathtub and shower to help you wash and groom better.
        • Give your bathroom a classic feel by putting lights with brass and chrome. They also go well with most decors.


Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities provide function and form to the space. They should be chosen both for how well they fit within the style of design chosen for the remodel and their functionality. The sink is simply one function of vanities. They can provide countertop space, storage, and a way to conceal the plumbing. They often become the bathroom’s focal point and unifying design piece.
Here are some design ideas for bathroom vanities:

        • Stone countertops can be a stunning addition to any bathroom vanity. Materials like marble, soapstone, and travertine bring a unique elegance that only the stone can.
        • A large mirror mounted at your bathroom vanity serves more than its function in your grooming routine. Such a large reflective surface creates the illusion of a huge space.
        • Incorporate original elements like a vintage drop-in sink and porcelain tile with new ones like modern pendant lights and chevron floors.
        • Blend warm tones into your bathroom for instant zen vibes. Cedar drawers and rose-toned marble countertops can be paired with brass fixtures for a spa-worthy space.


Wall Repaint

Any bathroom renovation is rife with room for mistakes. So don’t let your choice of wall paint be one of them. While it may seem instinctive to purchase a standard gallon of paint off the shelf, you must remember that not all paints are the same. Bathroom paint is specially formulated for the bathroom walls, ensuring excess moisture will not seep into the paint surface. Otherwise, the walls would suffer from blistering, peeling, and mildew formation.
The bathroom paint finish you choose can impact how moisture is absorbed. Instead of choosing a matte or flat finish that is somewhat more porous, you should consider using a glossy finish that repels water to maximise the effectiveness of your bathroom paint. Opt for a semi-gloss paint.

It can be challenging to decide which paint idea or tones are suitable for other decors. Here is a list of wall paint ideas to give your bathroom a fresher look:

        • Opt for a daring combination by pairing primary colours from the opposite ends of the colour wheel. Pale aqua makes an excellent backdrop for vibrant accents of red in stripes and checks.
        • At the other end of the spectrum, grey bathrooms in dark shades can create a cocooning effect. Partner this shade with luxurious marble fittings for a boutique-inspired hotel look.
        • A painted bathtub can bring an elegant contrasting note to a bathroom space. Dark grey-painted bathtubs create a beautiful contrast between the rustic bathroom ambience of florals and green-painted walls.
        • Pink can equally look good in a modern bathroom. So introduce a dash of blush pink for a bold or barely-there effect.


Toilet Upgrade

Replacing your toilet can enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and help you conserve water. Toilets are not built to last forever and will inevitably require a replacement. With the advent of new high-efficiency toilets, you can eliminate waste with one flush using much less water. You can also purchase hi-tech toilets with enhanced functionalities like integrated bidets, automatic deodoriser, no-touch or water-saving flush, and heated seats.


The bathroom is not just a space to wash your hands and put on deodorant. It is also a place where you should feel comfortable like you would be in your bedroom. If you are struggling with bathroom decor, the best thing to do is to hire an interior design company.

A good bathroom remodeler can help you with standard bathroom features like installing a new vanity, lighting, tile, and flooring. They can also help you with more elaborate tasks like mounting a new tub or toilet or even installing a shower enclosure. By doing this, you can transform your bathroom into a more functional and stylish space for you and your guests to enjoy.

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