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Our interior design company provides Singaporeans with high-quality, original and affordable Interior Design solutions. We work with our clients during the entire process, from conceptualising a unique design to furniture selection, space planning, and implementation. We understand that every client has a personal style, so we make it a point to understand their preferences and work within their budget. That’s why we offer comprehensive renovation packages to help them conveniently get all the services they need to transform their home effectively.

Our expert team can maximise any living space; our interior design services in Singapore cater to a wide range of construction, including HDB BTO, HDB resale flats, HDB premium apartments, and condominiums. Before proceeding with the execution, our team of Interior Design in Singapore will inspect the physical space to get an accurate assessment before proceeding with the design.

Our Interior Designer prioritises the clients’ needs and offers expert feedback when necessary, following up with excellent after-sales customer service.

That said, Style + Space Interior Design is therefore committed to providing the Best Interior Design in Singapore to enhance the quality of the space and ensure client satisfaction.

Our Best Interior Design Packages this 2023

We understand that you want the best Interior Design and the best Interior Designer for your home. If you are looking for a professionally-designed, aesthetically pleasing home, you can also rely on our expert interior designer’s team to give you stunning home designs. You can check out our various renovation packages for a hassle-free and smooth experience.

complete small bedroom remodel
Interior Design for HDB Resale Flat

In Singapore, one of the popular HDB options is a resale flat, especially the one in matured estate due to the location and size. However, due to its perhaps old and outdated design, homeowners often want to renovate it before moving in.
Style + Space offers interior design solutions and renovation packages to cater from 3-room to 5-rooms and even the executive and maisonette flats to transform properties into unique and personalised spaces.

Interior Design for HDB BTO Standard Flat
Interior Design for HDB BTO Standard Flat

An HDB BTO Standard Flat is a living option that offers convenience and versatility at an affordable price. It comes in 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room varieties to cater to individuals and families of all sizes.
Regardless of the type of HDB BTO flat, Style + Space aims to enhance every residential property into something homeowners will love. That’s why we have brought together the best in the industry to provide only the highest quality of services for our clients.
Our passion for our craft and our unwavering dedication to our clients enable us to design exceptional HDB BTO homes that merge style and practicality.

Interior Design for Premium Flat in Singapore
Interior Design for HDB BTO Premium Flat

Compared to standard BTO flats, premium flats are more high-end and feature more space and has a unique design to provide the ultimate comfort.
For clients who live in a premium flat, Style + Space offers exclusive packages to accommodate the property’s needs and manifest the owner’s vision.
From the classic white Scandinavian design to the luxe 5-star hotel aesthetic and everything in between, our team of interior designers can transform design dreams into a reality with our diverse and top-notch services.

Kitchen Interior Design
Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most used rooms in every home. As such, they require no less than the best interior design services to maximise their full potential.

Style + Space offers complete services from masonry, hacking, carpentry, and electrical works to tackle even the most complex design requirements for these spaces.

When it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom, we understand that functionality and style go hand-in-hand. So, make the most of these rooms when you engage with our experts today.

Condominium Interior Design

Condominiums are considered private housing that offers additional amenities like exclusive gyms, spas, pools, etc., which makes it an attractive living option for Singaporeans.

But like any other residential property, condominiums may need a little renovation every now and then to spruce up their appearance or bring in a modern flair.

Whether clients prefer the luxe finish or a more understated and minimalist approach, Style + Space provides interior design services to tailor your condo to suit your unique lifestyle requirements.

Interior Designer in Singapore

At the centre of every renovation project is the interior designer.  An interior designer in Singapore is responsible for transforming every space from scratch and elevating them into something new and liveable. More than maximising every residential space, the best interior designer in Singapore understands the importance of optimising functionality without compromising aesthetics. And this is precisely what Style + Space offers.

We achieve this by implementing the following work process

Interior Designer & Client Meeting

STEP 1: Client Meeting

We communicate with our clients and discuss the basics of the project, including their expectations, requirements, budget, and timeline.

Interior Design Collaboration

STEP 2: Design Collaboration

Then, we will fine-tune everything by developing a concrete design plan. Through collaboration, we will come up with a strategy to effectively enhance the space in a way that embraces the client's unique taste and personality.

Interior Design Materials

STEP 3: Material Acquisition

Once the plan is finalised, we will collect all the necessary materials and prepare for the execution phase.

Interior Design Execution

STEP 4: Execution

This is the culmination of the design process. In this step, our contractors will perform hacking, carpentry, and installation works to renovate the space completely.

Interior Design Monitoring

STEP 5: Monitoring

To ensure that the client is satisfied with the results, our interior designers will check in on them and monitor the progress closely. Should there be any minor modifications, we'll be happy to accommodate them to ensure complete client satisfaction.


On Time

Typically, our complete renovation project will span only several weeks, depending on the complexity. Once we know your requirements, we make it a point to deliver outstanding results. Even when small changes are required, somewhere down the road will still accomplish renovations and deliver on time.

On Budget

You get what you pay for with us. We are transparent and make sure we have high-quality results. It is part of our practice to lay down the details and discuss them with you before signing that dotted line. You will know the cost in detail; from electric rewiring to the paints on doors and many others to ensure you will not be surprised by hidden costs down the road.

Brimming Ideas

Even if you have no clue where to start, there will not be any problem. We can provide you with the trendiest and most extraordinary ideas from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. You deserve something better than stale designs from previous decades. A new home deserves a fresh and unique idea. We will provide you with design ideas that can delight your imagination.

Full Warranty

Fortunately, your journey with us doesn’t end when we finally finish the space. We are one of the few Interior Design firms you will be collaborating with that provides a warranty for our work. We contact our clients post-renovation to make sure that they are enjoying excellent and quality workmanship.


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Our Interior Designers Portfolio

You have the options to choose from various types and styles of Interior Designs. If you are unsure of which design or theme to pick, you can consult with us. When it comes to home renovation, our years of connection and extensive network in the industry could help you save time and money while ensuring the highest quality results.

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Singapore Interior Design FAQs

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer will develop a customized home interior design solution for you after understanding your wants and needs. Most interior designers offer free initial design service. They can help you oversee your home renovation and advise you on the right furniture for your space. Lastly, they comprise a team of trustworthy contractors that guarantee high-quality services which meet the agreed timeline.

Do I need an interior designer?

Not all interior design works need the help of an interior designer. The following are some signs that signal you need an interior designer:

  • You do not know that renovations work has guidelines
  • You do not have enough time to do the job
  • You want to change your home design but are clueless about where to start
  • You are looking for a unique interior design for your home

Is it necessary to hire an interior designer and services for a small living space?

An interior designer knows how to properly use colours, art, and furnishings to make a small space appear bigger. You will be astonished at how well the right interior designer can transform your small living area into a homey and functional space. For instance, light paint colours or a strategically placed mirror can increase visual depth. Moreover, breaking a long narrow space into separate seating areas can add dimension.

How soon should I look for an interior designer?

If you set on hiring an interior designer, you should engage the latter for about four months before receiving the keys to your new home. This approach allows the interior designer to have enough time to design and source materials for your dream home as soon as possible.

How to choose between the various interior design styles?

During the initial consultation with an interior designer, you will discuss your likes and dislikes, wants and needs. This discussion helps narrow the field. Photos are likewise helpful in picking the optimal design. How you want to furnish the space and how it will be utilised can also make a difference in style selection.

Helpful Tips Before Starting Your Interior Design Project

Below are some useful tips to help you plan and design your homes:

  • Consider the time and budget for the interior design project.
  • Consider the amount of time you will be living in that space.
  • Conduct your due diligence and ensure the interior design firm is reliable and has genuine customer reviews.
  • Skim through the interior designer’s gallery and portfolio, make sure the portfolio is not 3D-rendered.
  • Do not let pricing be the deciding factor. Avoid getting lured by cheap packages and check through the brand and quality of products the company will use.
  • Determine if you share the same frequency with the interior designer.
  • Consider the power points and switch outlets location. Being aesthetically beautiful is not enough; your home needs to be functional and convenient as well.
  • Consider your house’s geography and lighting. Plan your home’s orientation and layout according to its surroundings since this will impact its lighting.

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