Interior Design Services

Our Interior Design Services

Slick designs begin with attentive listening. Style + Space was founded to inspire Singaporeans’ personal spaces by combining aesthetics and creative solutions to transform homes. Enabled by your vision and aspiration, we offer diverse interior design services to meet your expectations.

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We offer a wide array of interior design services Singapore for homeowners. Our expert designers have completed hundreds of interior design projects from minimalist to Scandinavian, industrial to

home renovation

Interior Renovation

Interior home renovation is a tedious task that needs planning, budgeting, experience and connection. Generally, renovation covers a range of works, including hacking, masonry, carpentry,

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A & A Works

A&A works or Addition & Alterations works are minor renovation changes to existing buildings or properties. These changes do not affect the structure or foundation of the establishment. A&A

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Space Planning

Space planning begins with an in-depth analysis of how space is going to be utilised. Our designers help maximise the available limited space you have. We will draw up a plan that defines the space

designer layout

Designer Layout & Perspective

A design layout is an interior design drawing that demonstrates the bird’s eye view of the property without its roof. On the other hand, perspective drawing is a system that represents the three-

design and build

Custom Build Carpentry

We offer custom-built carpentry products novels from other finished carpenters. Rather than standard mass-produced carpentry, custom-built carpentry enables you to get a taste of

FAQs for our Interior Design Services

How do you guarantee your services?

Our years of experience in handling hundreds of residential design projects guarantee high-quality services that meet the set timeline. We will work with you during the process, from conceptualising the design to selecting furniture and implementation. You can read out previous clients’ testimonials on our “Review” page to get a grasp of our work ethics and quality of services.

We also offer a warranty on our workmanship. Our clients can head over to the “Warranty Registration” page to register for a warranty.

What interior design services can I expect from you?

We provide a wide range of interior design services to cater to your needs. We offer interior renovation, A&A works, space planning, design layout and perspective and custom-built carpentry. You can head over to the “Our Services” page to learn more about each service.

Will I receive a 3D visualisation of the home design?

Yes. Besides sketches, we will provide you with a 3D design model of how your home will look before that project starts. The 3D visualisation allows you to better understand how your ideas will translate to real life. We will assign a dedicated and competent interior designer to you to discuss your requirements and preferences.

How long will the entire design process take?

Our design process generally takes around two to four weeks to complete, depending on the design’s complexity. However, complications may arise during the process that results in delays. If you have a particular date you need to move in by, be sure to let our designer know before the project begins.