Condo Interior Design and Condo Renovation Package

Resale Condo Promotion Package


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  • Design & fabricate 3’L full height shoes cabinet
  • Design & fabricate 2’L suspended settee bench


  • Design & install 12 nos of lighting points at living room


  • Supply & construct false ceiling at living room
  • Supply & construct L-Box light holder at dining room
  • Supply & construct false ceiling at bedroom’s entrance


  • Design & fabricate 7L x 6’HT feature wall above TV console at living area
  • Design & fabricate 7ft TV console at living area


  • Design & fabricate 5’L X 6’HT headboard feature wall with pvc cushion
  • Design & fabricate 2 nos suspended bedside table
  • Design & fabricate 4’L suspended TV console
  • Design & fabricate 4’L X 5’HT feature wall above TV console


  • Design & fabricate 5’L suspended study table
  • Design & fabricate 5’L top hung book cabinet


  • To paint whole house, using Nippon Paint 3 in 1 paint
  • To paint whole house pvc pipes


  • Supply labour to do acid wash for whole house
  • Supply & lay corrugated board to protect whole house flooring

Facts and Essential Tips for Condominium Renovation in Singapore

Living in a condo offers several perks, such as exclusivity, private amenities, and security, but it’s not as affordable as HDB flats. That said, choosing a condominium as a housing option is an investment. 

So, if you want to make the most of your living spaces, you need to redesign and renovate your condo to meet your needs and realize your design vision. This is your opportunity to transform your condo into your dream home. 

However, before proceeding with your renovation journey, be sure to note these must-know facts and helpful tips so you can better prepare for your design project ahead.

Condo Renovation Cost

In Singapore, condo renovation usually costs S$30,000 to S$39,000, depending on the complexity of the services you require. Additionally, the type of materials you want to use during renovation plays a big role in determining the final cost. 

Fortunately, several interior design firms offer renovation packages to help you save up on costs. Style + Space has a Condo Renovation Package complete with floor works, carpentry, electricals, and plumbing at an affordable price point. Contact our professionals to know more about it.

Condo Renovation Duration

Renovating a condo takes an average of eight weeks to complete, but it can take shorter or longer, depending on the type of work required. Therefore, creating a timeline is essential to help you track the progress of your renovation project.

Condo Renovation Design

In terms of design, condo owners tend to lean towards a more contemporary approach. Although whites and woods will always be on-trend, some homeowners are opting for more colour and character. For instance, blacks and pastels are becoming more popular these days, as well as arched walls and doorways in the living room. Now, people want to steer away from the cookie-cutter design styles and try something new to bring more personality into their homes.

Condo Renovation Tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to further help you renovate your condo interiors with ease:

  • Use what you have
    One of the best ways to save on cost is to maximize the existing features in your condo. For instance, if you have a high ceiling, you can use the extra vertical space on the walls for shelving and other decorations.The same goes for your furniture. Rather than buying brand new ones, you can refresh old cabinets and drawers by simply painting your tables a new colour or changing the cabinet knobs to upgrade the look.
  • Reorganize your furniture
    Similarly, you can refresh your home by replotting existing furniture. You’ll be surprised how rearranging the layout of your communal facilities can change the overall look and feel of your condo. For example, moving your furniture to the centre of the room can open the space and bring your focus to the middle. 
  • Add space-saving storage options
    One of the important things to consider during renovation is the storage space. Incorporating multipurpose design features such as a bench that doubles as a storage trunk can preserve the aesthetics of your condo while offering practical solutions to keep clutter away.


Whether you’re moving into a new space or planning to refresh the existing interiors of your resale condo, working closely with a Condo Interior Designer is key to achieving your dream home.

Style + Space offers high-quality renovation services as part of our Resale Condo Renovation Package and executive Condo Renovation Package. With years of experience under our belt, we are committed to delivering the best Condo Interior Design solutions for you. Book a consultation with us to begin your renovation.

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