Resale Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Package Promotion 2023

Resale Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Package

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  • Hacking of all bathrooms floor & wall finish
  • Hacking of kitchen floor & wall finish
  • Hacking of cement motar base
  • Hacking of bathroom fitting & accessories
  • Hacking of existing kitchen cabinet
  • Supply & lay homogenous floor tiles for kitchen
  • Supply & lay homogenous floor tiles for bathroom
  • Supply & lay waterproofing membrane for kitchen & bathrooms
  • Supply & lay ceramic wall finish for kitchen
  • Supply & lay ceramic wall finish for bathrooms
  • Construct 50mm cabinet base, with tiles
  • Construct 50mm washer base, with tiles
  • Construct 50mm fridge base, with tiles
  • Construct shower kerb for master toilet, with tiles
  • Replacement of standard stainless steel piping
  • Labour to install 2 sets of sitting water closets
  • Labour to install 2 sets of wash basins
  • Labour for installation of instant heaters
  • Labour for installation of bathroom’s accessories
  • Laying drainage pipe for bathroom wash basin
  • Laying drainage pipe for washer
  • Chemical washing
  • General cleaning upon completion
Resale Kitchen and Toilet Renovation

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Checklist in Singapore

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most utilized areas in your HDB flat . As such, it takes meticulous planning and preparation to do the kitchen and bathroom renovation right. Make sure to have a handy checklist to keep you on top of your renovation plans.

Here are the important areas you need to consider when creating a comprehensive checklist:


Space Inspection

Before starting your project, you first need to inspect your spaces and identify the problems that need to be addressed and the fixtures that need to be replaced. This can be done with the help of a renovation contractor. Their expertise can help you determine what to fix or replace and how to do it efficiently.


Toilet and Kitchen Design

Once you’ve laid out all the necessary fixes in your spaces, you can move on to the design. Some questions to guide you include: What style do you have in mind? Do you want them light and cosy or dark and sophisticated?

Answering these questions will be much easier if you have done prior research for bathroom and kitchen interior design trends in Singapore.

Right now, minimalist design is gaining popularity because of its simple and sophisticated look. However, contemporary, eclectic, and vintage designs are also good options to consider if you want to add more character to your space. Regardless of the design style you choose , you need your kitchen and bathroom interior designers to work closely with you to achieve the desired outcome.


Actual Measurements

To begin the renovation, you need to get the actual measurements of your toilet and kitchen spaces. This allows the interior designer to work out the location of the power points water pipes and electrical wiring. Additionally, it allows them to plan for the different fixtures and appliances in each room.

For the bathroom, the most common layout is to have all fixtures lined up on a single plumbed wall with one source of water supplies, vents, and drains. This saves on complicated plumbing and provides efficient water distribution.

When getting the measurements for the kitchen, you have to consider optimal clearances and the ideal placement of counters, cabinets, and appliances so you can create an efficient and comfortable kitchen.

Be sure to discuss with your interior designer regarding space planning to make the most of both your bathroom and kitchen area.


Bathroom and Kitchen Essentials

Afterwards, you can go shopping for bathroom and kitchen essentials like furniture, appliances, and fixtures.

A toilet renovation may need new items like toilets, showerheads, and curtains. On the other, a kitchen renovation may require a new kitchen sink, stainless steel dish, and base for the kitchen cabinet. Whatever they may be, make sure to list all items in your checklist and double-check with your contractor before purchasing.

Some interior design firms in Singapore providing Resale Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Packages may offer free fixtures, which will help you save on costs . Style + Space gives free toilet bowls, washbasins, and basin taps as part of our Toilet Renovation Promotion.


Floor and Walls

When doing a renovation, you also need to consider vinyl flooring and wall tiles. Tile for kitchen and bathroom is a popular material option because it’s easy to install and maintain. Moreover, since bathrooms and kitchens are constantly wet and prone to leaking, part of the installation process is to incorporate a waterproofing membrane.

The waterproof membrane used in the kitchen and bathroom is a water-tight material and is applied before tiling to prevent the water from seeping through. It works as a protective layer on your walls and floors to keep water from penetrating surfaces and protect your tiles from excess moisture. For this reason, waterproofing is an important requirement for all kitchen and toilet renovation.



Another important factor to consider is proper ventilation. Installing a ventilation fan in the bathroom is crucial for all homeowners because it helps dissipate excess moisture.

Due to the heat and humidity in Singapore, you will notice that your mirrors, windows, and tiles fog up with water droplets after a hot shower. Without an exhaust fan to circulate the air, the steam and droplets can develop mould growth over time.


Storage and Shelving

Aside from ventilation, shelving and storage are also crucial in every kitchen and bathroom. They keep your home tidy. As such, it’s important to factor in what your storage requirements are and where you can place them. There are also space-saving techniques you can do to maximize storage.


Lighting and Accessories

Finally, the last thing on your checklist is lighting and accessories. These are the elements that complete the look and feel of your rooms.

With lighting, you can choose between dim and bright lighting. On the one hand, dim lighting sets the mood and is perfect for your bathroom to create a relaxing ambience. On the other hand, bright lighting is ideal for kitchen spaces to give you enough illumination, especially when cooking.

However, instead of choosing one option or the other, it’s best to combine these two types of lighting to enhance the ambience and create a more dynamic setting.


Find the Best Interior Design Package

Now that your checklist is ready, you can start looking through the different kitchen and toilet renovation packages in Singapore and select which one works best for you. Style + Space offers competitive kitchen and toilet renovation packages in Singapore. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.

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