Here are 6 Interior Design Rules that are OK to Break

Here are 6 Interior Design Rules that are OK to Break


Unlike other industries, interior design is more lenient with its do’s and don’ts. Despite the supposed standards, you are given more freedom and creativity to play around and express your style. Take a look at some of the rules you can break if you want to be unconventional.

RULE 1: Match Everything

One of the rules that many homeowners abide by is matching everything. From dining room chairs to bed sheet covers, they think everything needs to come in sets. However, you can spice things up by going outside the box.

Rather than opting for the same dining chairs, why not add something different to the mix? While matching everything gives you a perfectly ideal setting, it tends to be a bit unexciting. By introducing different colours and styles, you can elevate the overall look to a whole new level. But make sure that the pieces you buy either complement or contrast one another.

RULE 2: Go For An All-White Colour Palette

With the rise of minimalism, the white colour palette has become a staple in everyone’s home.

White is a versatile colour that can mix well with various styles. It is also timeless and classy that will never go out of trend. However, you can try other more interesting colours in the spectrum. So don’t limit yourself to only white.

If you’re not comfortable with trying new colours yet, start small. First, allot a feature wall and paint it a neutral shade. From there, you can gradually infuse more colours once you’ve adjusted to something besides white. You’ll be surprised at how much character your home will have with something as simple as a change of paint colour.

RULE 3: Stick To One Theme Only

Similarly, many homeowners assume that you’ll need to stick to one theme only to establish a cohesive home. But this is a very traditional and old-school approach to design.

According to the best interior design in Singapore, an excellent way to develop a unique style that’s distinct and personal is to take inspiration from different themes. This particular approach is more commonly known as “eclectic.” There’s no reason why two seemingly opposite styles like classic and contemporary cannot go together. When done strategically and correctly, you can achieve a worldly and sophisticated style.

RULE 4: Don’t Mix Metals

The same concept applies to metals. The standard rule is to adhere to one type of metal, whether that’s silver, gold, rose gold, or copper. While this method will make your space more pristine and luxurious, it’s not the only way.

If you want to create a more organic environment, you can mix different metals. But to avoid going overboard, you can integrate acrylic materials to balance out all the metallic elements.

RULE 5: Don’t Go Too Bold With Colours And Patterns

Many experts may tell you that you can’t clash bold prints with colours in interior design because it can be visually loud and confusing. They may even encourage you to limit your choice of decorative elements to two combinations.

However, sometimes the bolder your interiors are, the more attractive they become. In Singapore, some of the most charming aesthetics can be attributed to the rich fusion of prints and colour. Well, you too can have whimsy and fantastical home if you want. All you need is a statement pattern or thread to anchor the rest of the design. Then, you can play to your heart’s content.

RULE 6: Always Strive For Symmetry

Contrary to popular belief, the goal of interior design is not to create symmetry but to reach the space’s full potential. It’s true that symmetry can create a feeling of calm and balance. However, it can also make a room feel smaller and busier.

With the asymmetrical design, you can still achieve a sense of informal balance with the use of similar lines, forms, and colours in a room. There’s no need to duplicate everything with this approach, giving you more flexibility.

Interior design should be an expression of your unique style and personality. So, if you feel that these rules constrict your creativity, feel free to break away from them.


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