Biggest Home Renovation Regrets

Biggest Home Renovation Regrets


Home renovation, whether for first-time or second-time homeowners, can be overwhelming. There are so many ideas that people pick off the internet that they think will look good.
In hindsight, the design looked great from reference. Most people might be looking at their previous design choices today and thinking, “Why did I even do this?”
It’s natural to make mistakes in renovation and interior design. Read more to know some examples of regrettable home renovation ideas.

Not Having Enough Electrical Sockets

A reference looks perfect when it’s based on a magazine or the internet. But unfortunately, it looks too perfect that people forget to consider practical home needs as simple as electrical sockets.
Without careful consideration of the needs for the electrical points, homeowners will face the situation that the needs have outgrown the available electrical points or the locations are incorrect.
It is best to consult with experts who can help plan electrical wirings at home. Engaging interior design services will help with both design and practicality, not to mention it will save years of regret later on.

Forgetting To Check the Dimensions for Built-Ins

Anything built-in is always tempting to recreate. It can be a space-saver and looks great in pictures. However, for people who don’t have much knowledge in interior design, there are many aspects that they tend to overlook, including the dimensions.
DIY-ing a built-in cabinet is more complicated than it looks. Thus, it’s no surprise that the result looks a little wonky and out of place.
It would be best to consult with interior design Singapore experts in Singapore when it comes to built-in installation. They can advise on the proper space-saving techniques and help with your built-ins.

Not Having Enough Space in the Kitchen

Most people prioritize the living room or bedroom spaces when doing home renovations. They hack the wall behind the living room and kitchen to create a spacious living room. However, once the renovation is completed, they soon realize that the kitchen is now left with a teeny area.
They might now be regretting the small space they left for the kitchen. It’s hard to cook in a small area, not to mention not having counter space for dishes.
Remember that the kitchen is an essential space like the bedroom or living room. It requires sufficient countertop and storage space so that it will be easy to work with and clean at the same time.

Having an L-Shaped Wardrobe

Condo owners might have seen an L-shaped wardrobe on the internet or in a magazine and immediately tried to recreate it for their home in Singapore.
An L-shaped wardrobe may be a regrettable idea today since it wastes space. The wardrobe might look good at first glance, but the corner is hard to manage the clothes.

Choosing a Dark-Coloured Tile for the Bathroom

Dark coloured tiles look good on those interior design pages on the internet. They look classy and modern and give the bathroom an edgy look.
However, dark-coloured tiles are a hassle to clean. They stain easily and hard to maintain. They only look good when they’re new and will lose their value as the bathroom gets used more.
Don’t make the regrettable mistake of getting dark tiles for your bathroom. Other than bathroom stains being easily noticeable on them, cleaning agents also wash away the colour over time.


No matter what regrets people may have when it comes to design, don’t worry. Style + Space Interior Design can help you create your dream space and make design decisions that you surely won’t regret in the future.

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