7 Renovation Hacks to Refresh Your Home Interiors

7 Renovation Hacks to Refresh Your Home Interiors


If you’ve been living in the same HDB flat or condo for a very long time, it’s natural for you to feel like your interiors are getting boring and out-of-date. Sometimes, you just need to revamp the space to bring life back into your homes, and what better way to do that than to renovate?

Depending on the scale of the project, renovation can take a long time to finish. But when you know what you want and have a Singapore interior design firm to assist you through the whole process, you can achieve an efficient yet well-thought-out transformation.

To help get you started, interior designer Singapore shares incredible renovation hacks to guide you in your renovation journey.

1. Prioritize Rooms for Renovation

When you want to renovate your flat, it’s important to have a concrete plan. Although you might want a complete renovation, sometimes, it’s just not feasible. The best alternative is to focus on revamping specific rooms in the house. Start by getting an overview of your whole space. What rooms are being used the most? What areas do you need to update?

Prioritize renovating rooms that are being used the most. Then plot out what you want to happen. For example, what type of furniture do you want? Is there a particular colour scheme or aesthetic theme?

2. Avoid Extravagant Home Themes

Your interior theme sets the mood for the whole space, from the use of colour to the furniture and intricate decor. That’s why it’s important that you choose a theme that is versatile and timeless yet practical and simple. Avoid over-the-top themes that make use of complicated elements because they’re not only expensive to maintain; they get old easily too.

As a pro tip, stick to neutrals, monochrome, and modern design themes that are easy to play around with as time goes by.

3. Opt for Ready-Made Furniture

Renovation can be costly when you don’t know how to budget properly. You need to allot money for certain aspects of the renovation. For example, how much will go to wall demolition, and how much will go to furniture? One way to save up is to opt for ready-made furniture rather than custom-made sofas to decorate your homes. But if you still enjoy your existing sofas, a solution to update the look is to change up the upholstery. It’s efficient, it’s cheap, and it’ll make a world of difference.

4. Try Wall Panels

If you feel like you need to change your walls, there are more options available than repainting them a different colour. So why not try wall panelling? It’s a perfect way to cover up old walls. Plus, it doubles as a feature wall that grabs people’s attention. You can choose from various textures such as wood, brick, or metal to instantly liven up space and create an interesting visual.

5. Avoid Boring Floors. Go for Rugs and Carpets

Apart from furniture and walls, you also need to consider updating your floors. But, you don’t have to replace them with new tiling. Instead, you can easily improve your existing floors by layering different textured rugs and carpets. This is a cost-saving hack that can instantly make your space look chic and fashionable.

6. Establish Multi-Purpose Spaces

Beyond creating a stylish home, you also need to make sure that it’s practical and useful. Establishing multipurpose spaces, especially in common areas, is the best way to achieve this. For example, your living room can double as your office. All you need is modular furniture to make it happen. Or, if you prefer, you can install foldable tables on your to instantly transform any space into a working area. After all, finding a place to work at home is one of the most important things you need to consider when renovating during these times.

7. Transform Your Flats into a SmartHouse

In your busy schedule, a smart house may be just what you need to enhance your lifestyle and offer that much-need convenience. From automated lights to voice-activated appliances, homes are gradually becoming more accommodating to your needs. As a result, they help you cut down on chores and make things more efficient. If you think this is what you need, be sure to share this information with your interior designer and contractor.


With these Singapore interior design tips, you can easily transform your home into something functional yet stylish without completely breaking the bank. To assist you throughout the process, be sure to work together with a reputable interior design firm that handles renovation Singapore. Inquire about the packages they offer so you can save extra dollars on HDB resale renovation cost.

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