7 Questions Interior Designers Should Be Asking

7 Questions Interior Designers Should Be Asking

An Interior Designers Should Be Asking

When planning to do a home makeover, you generally require professional help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Throughout the renovation process, you and your interior designer must communicate thoroughly and ask each other questions to determine the necessary course of action.

A good interior designer knows that to create a space perfect for their client, they need to get as much information as possible. This information will greatly influence the design plan moving forward. As such, be sure to prepare an answer to the following questions.

What Is Your Floor Plan?

Before the design process begins, your interior designer needs to have a guide regarding the space through a detailed floor plan. It is a crucial element for getting the right scale and measurements of the space.

With the floor plan on hand, the interior designers can visualise the space and propose effective design ideas. They can create 3D perspectives of your home with their design recommendations to communicate ideas more clearly. That said, getting the floor plan is a good way to kickstart the whole design process.

How Big Is Your Family?

But of course, the floor plan is not enough. Your interior designer will require more information to propose the best treatment for your home. One of the pieces of information they need to know is your family situation.

Knowing how big or small your family is and your potential plans of growing it in the future will dictate the design requirements of renovation. This is especially important to help interior designers allocate space to cater to your household’s present and future needs.

Do You Have Pets?

Besides family members, your furry friends also contribute to the design requirements. If you have pets, your interior designer will need to find furniture with the right materials, making sure that they are well waterproof and scratch-resistant.

What Design Style Are You Leaning Towards?

With the design requirements properly addressed, the next step is to identify the style. According to design experts, most homeowners have an idea of what they want their homes to look like. As such, their stylistic preferences can be used as a jumping-off point for their designers.

However, if you don’t know your style yet, you can collaborate with your interior designer to find out.

Oftentimes, your interior designer will provide reference photos of different styles to help you envision the outcome of your renovation. You and your designer can identify your taste depending on which style you gravitate towards.

What Items Do You Want To Highlight?

Another way to determine your home’s style and the overall theme is to know which items you want to keep and highlight. For example, you want to highlight your dark countertops in the kitchen or your marbled sink in the bathroom. Whatever the case may be, asking the items you love can help your interior designers discover your preference. As such, they can latch their design plans to incorporate more of the items you love or find creative ways to put the spotlight on them.

With this in mind, they can offer a resale kitchen and toilet renovation package in Singapore that fits perfectly with your personal style.

What Is The Function Of The Room?

More than style and aesthetics, designers also consider the home’s functionality. So, expect them to ask about the purpose of each room. If it’s a bedroom, for instance, the main purpose would be for sleep and relaxation. But if you want, it can also be used for entertainment.

Moving to the living room, the purpose of the space could be to entertain guests. However, it can also be a place to play with your children or work out. That said, you need to envision your plans for the space in order to guide designers.

What Is Your Budget?

Finally, expect your interior designers to inquire about your budget. Upon knowing your requirements and your personal style, your designers can begin to draft design plans. But to set expectations and propose a realistic plan, it’s important that they know your budget.

How much you’re willing to spend will dictate the furniture and other materials your interior designers can incorporate into your space during the renovation.


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