7 Interior Design Hacks to Make Your HDB Look More Spacious

7 Interior Design Hacks to Make Your HDB Look More Spacious


In a bustling city like Singapore, encountering space constraints is a common problem. So, whether you have a 3-room HDB or a 5-room HDB flat, here are effective ways to make your home look more spacious and maximise practicality.

Reduce Visual Clutter

Clutter has a way of making a space look small and cramped. So, by reducing the visual clutter, you can make your space look bigger. To do this, you need to remove heavy and bulky furniture away from the entrance. As much as possible, the entryway should only contain minimal to no furniture.

All furniture pieces should be evenly scattered in your home. Avoid grouping bulky furniture together, as they can visually influence the size of the space. In addition, by forming the furniture into a cluster, you block possible passageways and restrict movement.

For example, rather than grouping your storage boxes and placing them in a corner, you can find new ways to repurpose them. One of which can be used as a coffee table, while the others can be scattered around as extra seating space. Doing so maximises the box’s functionality and saves space.

Install Slim Built-in Cabinets

Especially if you have a small space, finding furniture with a slim profile is key to making it look bigger. Better yet, installing built-in cabinets can make the space look more spacious while maximising vertical space.

Built-in cabinets are placed flush on the wall, meaning there’s no wasted space behind it. In addition, it’s easily customisable, so you can have your interior designer design one that meets your requirements. Having this at home reduces the need to buy extra storage solutions that may turn into clutter.

Opt for Lighter Drapes

Another way to make your space look more spacious is to opt for lighter drapes than darker ones.

Darker window coverings tend to make the space look closed off, and therefore tiny. By replacing them with lighter drapes made with sheer and airy material, you invite more natural light to enter your interiors. As a result, you transform the space into something brighter and more open.

Use Mirrors

When doing HDB resale renovation, make sure to incorporate mirrors into the plan. Strategically placed mirrors can instantly double your home’s size because they can reflect the room’s interior, thereby creating an illusion of wider space. Not only that. Mirrors can also bounce light across the room, making the space brighter.

Although scattering several medium-sized mirrors may work, the best interior design Singapore recommends installing full-length mirrors to achieve maximum impact. You can lean it against one wall for a more stylish finish or hand one on covering walls with mirrors for a more functional accent.

Use a Light Colour Palette

Besides installing mirrors, using a light colour palette can make your space look bigger. This is because lighter colours like white and beiges can reflect light and spread it across the room. But if you want to be more creative with your colour palette, you can go for pastel colours.

Any colour with a lighter hue will work perfectly to create the illusion of space. Not only that, lighter coloured walls offer more versatility and flexibility in design. So you can play around with the decor much more freely with a light colour palette than with a dark one.

Opt for Bigger Furniture

Contrary to common belief, having a small space doesn’t mean getting small-scale furniture. A collection of small items at home will only make your space look cluttered. Instead, invest in a few large-scale statement furniture that can anchor the overall theme of your home while keeping it sleek and clean.

However, keep in mind that the size of your furniture should still be proportionate to your space. Even if you opt for something bigger, make sure that it fits seamlessly into the room without causing disruption.

Break Down the Walls

If you really want to create that much-needed space, you can always opt to hack away the walls. An open layout automatically creates more depth and space at home while allowing free movement. However, if you still want to create a distinction between rooms and promote a clear spatial flow, you can try replacing concrete walls with glass walls.


Create the illusion of a bigger space with these interior design hacks. But, to execute it properly, it’s advisable to reach out to professionals. Interior designer Singapore- based firms can help make your home more spacious and comfortable.

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