7 Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Your Condominium

7 Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Your Condominium


Condo offers amenities, security, swimming pools and a gym, making living conditions much more exclusive. Since the exteriors are already taken care of, you can focus on identifying a decoration that reflects your taste and personality.
Start with these simple yet innovative interior decorating tips and design ideas that can transform your space into a balance of aesthetics and functionality.


A clever design idea for apartments and condominiums is to decorate the space with curves. Curvy couches, round mirrors, and loop-designed armchairs can give the illusion of a large space. Curved materials occupy less space than boxy ones. Rectangular sofas obscure the wall more than curved couches.

Floating Shelves

Another decor trend you may want to try in your condo is the installation of floating shelves. They are used to maximise your storage. Without heavy cabinets, floating shelves can serve as storage space like other storage units. It gives the impression that the area is wide. Floating shelves are a practical way to store books and other personal items. Your wall will also look more distinctive, making it a catchy focal point in the space.


A fresh set of drapes or curtains can add distinction to your condominium. Draperies come in various designs and styles, including embroidered, patterned, sophisticated, and unconventional ones. Dark-coloured drapes can block the sun’s rays while making the house chic. Before making a purchase, make sure the colour of the drapes complements the wall paint. Curtains are only a beautiful complement to an area, not a focal point.

Retro Bathroom

Modern bathrooms made of dull porcelain and marble have been popular for so long that most people try to discover how to bring colour back into their bathrooms. To remodel your bathroom into a retro haven, you must consider everything – from the lighting and paint to hardware and fixtures. You can bring in retro wallpaper or colour your tub, toilet, and sink pink to get reminded of the past decades. Tiles also welcome pastel colours, blush pinks, pale greens, and chess-like contrast. Retro bathrooms have made a remarkable comeback.

Thematic Room Decor

A fun way to decorate any apartment is to pick a room decor theme, like mounting a world map in your living room near its focal point. You may also select a scenic view of the mountains or the seas, print them into a 3-dimensional life-size mural, and install them in your room. You can choose from numerous themes to give creativity a slot in your condo interior design.


There is a good chance you lack access to trees, plants, or any other form of nature from your condominium. Invest in plants for your patio and indoor spaces to add a touch of the countryside. If maintaining plants isn’t your thing, go for succulents or plants that do not require much water. You can also invest in artificial plants if you want to keep yourself from the hassle of watering. Fresh flowers from your local market can also do the trick.


Wallpaper can help to step up your decor game. Your condo can benefit significantly from a wallpapered hallway or accent wall. A little extravagance can be added without making a smaller space feel as overwhelming as one larger. Design an accent wall behind the couch or bed. A hallway is a perfect spot to try out new styles because it is a tiny space where you do not spend much time.
Funky geometric wallpapers are also fun to add personality to your rooms. Many options are available, so you may select an amazing wallpaper that differs from the usual patterns. Choose removable wallpapers so you can easily swap them out for a new exciting design.


Good interior designers have the skills to transform your home into a work of art regardless of the size of your condo. They understand your needs and preferences and can develop unique design solutions that reflect your personality.
Style+Space is an interior design company in Singapore that can innovatively make your condo dream happen. Ready your design portfolio and let us know which style you want for your space.

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