5 Steps to Choose An Interior Design Company

5 Steps to Choose An Interior Design Company


If it’s your first time renovating a home, you should know that the interior design company you partner with can make or break the project. So, you need to choose the ideal firm to work with for your home.

But now, the question is: how do you choose the right one? This article will take you through the five essential steps you need to take to find the best firm.

Know Your Style

Before you can search for potential firms to partner with, the first step you need to take is to identify your personal style. Your style will dictate the type of designers that suit you best.

Do you lean towards a more modern or contemporary aesthetic? Do you like eclectic styles and mixing textures? Or do you prefer a rustic look?

If you are still unfamiliar with the style you want, you can browse through interior design photos online and select those photos that you like to use for discussion with your interior designers.

Look at the Company’s Portfolio

Once you know your style, the next step is to search for an interior design company in Singapore that meets your aesthetic preferences. To do so, you need to check the company’s portfolio.

While every Singapore interior design firm has its signature style, the best options are usually the ones that are flexible enough to adapt to your needs and wants. You need to go through their websites, look at their service offerings, and check out their past projects to see if they’re a perfect match for you.

Set a Budget

After narrowing down your options of potential firms, the following step is to set a budget. Your budget will depend significantly on your project requirements and the firm’s reputation. While you have the option to contact different suppliers and contractors, a better and more affordable alternative is to find an HDB renovation package.

Whether that’s a 2 room BTO toilet renovation or a kitchen makeover, most firms in Singapore offer a full range of services to give you everything you need to transform your home.

Depending on the package you get, you can pay anywhere from S$20,000 to S$30,000. Keep this in mind when making your renovation budget.

Meet with Prospective Designers

Now that you have a realistic budget, it’s time to set your plan into action. In other words, it’s time to meet with prospective designers and discuss your renovation plan.

But before doing so, here are some tips you need to remember:

Ask a Lot of Questions
Asking a lot of questions can help you learn more about what the interior designer can provide and see how they can help you achieve your renovation goals. As such, the questions you can ask can include the following:

  • What design services do you offer
  • What can I get from you with the budget that I have?
  • Who will be working on my project?
  • Have you worked with projects similar to mine?
  • What is your timeline for the project?
  • How can you improve my living conditions?

These are some basic questions that will give you a better idea of whether or not the interior designer is right for you.
Have an Open Mind
After asking your pressing questions, you might realise that there are some ideas you love and some you don’t. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. In such cases, try to have an open mind and see your designer’s vision from their point of view.

Remember, they have had experience in the field, so they know what they’re talking about. But if you still do not agree after considering their plans and looking at them from various angles, then perhaps, it’s time to look for another interior designer.
Finalise the Contract
Once you find a firm that suits your needs, it’s time to finalise the contract. The contract will contain important information about the project, such as the timeline, budget, responsibilities of different parties, and other aspects pertaining to the execution of the renovation. Make sure that everything is crystal clear to avoid misunderstanding.

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