5 Design Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Spa

5 Design Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Spa

Bathroom renovation design ideas

More than just a place to practice proper hygiene, your bathroom should be a destination to find complete solitude. It should be a private space where you can take refuge from the chaos outside and rejuvenate your soul. Ideally, it should be your sacred sanctuary.

When you’re in the bathroom, you should feel calm and peaceful. You should be able to pamper yourself and feel refreshed. With these five Singapore interior design tips, you can transform your bathroom into a spa haven.

1. Backlit Mirrors

During a bathroom renovation, we recommend that you install a backlit mirror. It is an exceptional design choice to elevate the bathroom into a modern design.

In lieu of candles, the embedded light feature offers soft ambient lighting that completely sets the tone of your bathroom. Additionally, its glowing effect gives the illusion of a floating mirror that adds visual interest to your space.

2. Creative Tiling

Another way to transform your bathrooms into a luxurious spa is by changing the tiles. There are different styles of tiles you can choose from, such as bohemian and sculptural. Bohemian tiles are very earthy and organic. They make use of a lot of browns and greens to create a more natural atmosphere, perfect for relaxing your senses. On the other hand, sculptural tiles are unconventional and impeccably chic that works best with a neutral colour palette. When applied, they give your space a sleek and sophisticated finish, reminiscent of modern-day spas.

3. Marble Material

If you notice, marble and natural stones are common in most spas. That’s because they help create balance and set a luxurious and comforting atmosphere. They work like crystal stones that are used for healing and spreading positive energy. A simple marble material integrated within your bathroom can instantly bring in that healing ambiance.

4. Rain Shower

As an alternative to installing bathtubs, you can invest in a rain shower for total relation. These sleek showerheads simulate the calming sensation of falling rain. So, when you turn it on, you feel like your body is being hugged by the water, washing all your worries away.

5. Natural Elements

Hints of greenery can be very calming, So, when you add elements that bring you closer to mother earth, you create a space of zen.

Orchids, for example, are a good option as they are affordable and can survive humid climates. However, you can choose to add any plant that you like to make your bathroom feel like a rainforest or an oasis.

Complete the Spa-like Ambiance

To enhance the experience further, you need to immerse all your senses. These bathroom renovation ideas use your sense of sight to visually transport you to a spa-like retreat. To engage your sense of smell, you can light a scented candle. This will help you calm your nerves so you can relax better.

While pampering yourself, you can play ambient music in the background to engage your sense of hearing. This way, you can truly feel like you’re in your own heavenly sanctuary. After your shower, you can cover yourself with a silk robe. This is where your sense of touch comes in.

To truly recreate a luxury spa experience and help make you feel cosy and comfortable at the end of every day, you need to replace all your old mats and towels with newer and fluffier ones. You’ll be surprised by how something as common as a towel can make a world of difference.

Creating a spa is more than just an interior design project; it’s a lifestyle shift. From the major renovations to the intricate details, everything that you incorporate adds to the overall experience.

Hire an Interior Design Company

Renovating your bathroom is no easy feat. You need the help of experienced professionals to guide you through this major project in the safest and most efficient way possible.

When searching for a potential design firm, look for someone with expertise, and impeccable taste yet provides high-quality service at a reasonable price. The best interior design company should offer HDB resale renovation package promotion and toilet renovation promotion to help you cut down costs while still giving you top-notch services that you require.

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