4 Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas You Need to Try

4 Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas You Need to Try


Who says bathroom tiles need to be plain and boring?

Bathroom tiles don’t have to be plain and boring. Like any other area in your house, you can also play around with your tiles to express your creativity and individuality.
Just like any other area in your home, you also need to infuse a bit of creativity into choosing and designing your bathroom tiles. Take a look at some of the most interesting and fun tile ideas you can try.

Create an Ombre Effect

People often choose one to two colours when designing their bathrooms because they want to make them look as clean and clutter-free as possible. But what if they decided around three to four colours to create an ombre effect?
The Ombre effect is different from a gradient. Even though they may look alike, the Ombre effect is a trendy style that gradually blends the different hues of the same colour from light to dark or vice versa. While this technique usually applies to paint, it can also be explored in the form of tiles. There are three ways you can go about this:

  1. Go Soft And Tonal
    The first method involves using softer tones in hue to allow a more seamless and smooth flow from one shade to the next. Make sure to select shades from the same colour to achieve an ombre effect truly.
    Besides this, you also have to pay close attention to the shapes of the tile. Straight squares or rectangles with hard edges will work well to capture the ombre effect, but you can also try it with other figures like hexagons and ogee tiles.
  2. Make It Playful
    If you want something less subtle and more fun, perhaps, you can try using bold hues to create an ombre effect. In addition, rather than laying them out in a rigid colour pattern, why not play around with it?
    Mess up the structure and add a bit of randomness in the arrangement of the hues to make it more casual and playful.
  3. Use Stripes
    Among the three options, using a stripe pattern to create an ombre look is the easiest method you can try. By doing so, you can make the colour progressions more pronounced and the transition less subtle. But for this technique to work, you need to follow a strict light to dark or dark to a light arrangement. Messing this structure up may change the effect altogether.

Add Texture

Apart from the visual appeal, try to enhance the tactile experience of your tiles by adding more texture into the mix. Marble is a popular choice for bathroom tiles as it’s easy to clean and has a luxurious look. If you’re looking for something that will last for years, marble is an excellent option.
Elevate your plain and flat tiles with intriguing and impressive textures. You can choose from subtle lines and smooth finishes to complex patterns and intricate designs. Regardless of the option, you select, adding texture can instantly modernize the look and feel of your bathroom.
You don’t need to completely replace all your flat tiles with textured tiles to add more variation. You can do a combination of both. For instance, you can try alternating between textured and dull if you want to highlight both of these surfaces equally.
But if you want to spotlight the textures, it’s better to dedicate a wall space for just surfaces and keep the rest flat. This method will let the texture stand out and draw the viewer’s attention.

Mix and Match Different Tile Sizes

You can transform your bathroom into a more creative and dynamic space by mixing and matching different tile sizes. This will give you more variety and creativity but remember to choose consistent styles, so everything looks like one cohesive design. Combine small and large tiles to create a unique pattern and design. Just make sure to space them out evenly across the room.
The last thing you want is to disturb the balance by placing all large pieces on one side and trim pieces on the other. So, be sure to plan your layout wisely with the help of an interior design company to ensure that you achieve your desired look.

Modernize your Tiles with a Matte Finish

Finally, if you want to go for something unique and unusual, you can incorporate bathroom tiles with a matte finish into the space. These tiles are perfect for a modern bathroom. They’re easy to clean and maintain, easy to install, and easy to remove if you ever want to change your mind.
Doing so will add a hint of modern flair into the room that will effortlessly transform your bathroom into a sleek and trendy area.

Try These Out For Yourself

Bathroom tiles can be fun and creative, allowing you to express your creativity and individuality. Bathroom tiles can be a way to show off your style.
While these ideas work perfectly for your bathroom, they can also work well for your kitchen tiles. So, if you ever decide to do a full kitchen and bathroom renovation, be sure to fit them into your plan. Don’t forget to partner with an interior designer in Singapore like Style + Space Interior Design to help you transform these exciting ideas into reality.

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