10 Space Saving Tips for Your HDB Home

10 Space Saving Tips for Your HDB Home

Space Saving Tips for Your HDB Home

No matter how big or small your homes are, you will always require more space for storage. If you live in an HDB, the challenge is to make every square metre count. Learn about the innovative ways HDB homeowners can create and maximize space.

Use Wall Mounted Cabinets

Often, when people think about space, they think about the floor. However, utilizing your walls to install cabinets can create additional space for storage and can even be used to showcase your favourite items. With a chic and modern cabinet design, you can combine style with function.

Utilize Room Dividers

Dividers are a great solution to create intimate spaces at home and provide a partition between different areas. There are several styles to choose from. You can opt for minimalist wooden slats or utilize vertical shelving for a divider. From choosing the material to the intricate details, you can fashion your room dividers however you like.

Build a Customized Window Seat with Built-In Storage

Having a customized window seat that doubles as a storage space serves as an additional seating area where you can read your favourite book or admire the view.

Invest in Easy-Tuck-Away Furniture

It’s affordable, multi-purpose, and incredibly convenient. Easy tuck away furniture is a minimalist’s dream. Foldable beds, wall tables, and collapsible dining areas are smart alternatives to big, space-consuming furniture.

Set up Overhanging Shelves

Planning the layout with a creative Singapore interior design firm will make you look at the vertical space from ceiling to floor. Installing overhanging shelves to display your favourite items adds an interesting visual element to your homes.

Maximize the Space Under the Bed

Under-the-bed storage space is the perfect location to store out-of-season clothes, files, extra pillows and blankets. In some instances, you can purchase a bed with built-in storage. Another option is to opt for a bed frame with enough space underneath where you can conveniently keep storage boxes.

Use the Space Behind the Doors

One location in the house people tend to overlook is the space behind doors. This tip is perfect for your kitchen and bathroom doors, where you often hang personal and well-used items with over-the-door hooks, hangers, and peel-and-stick holders.

Take Advantage of Under-the-Stairs Storage for Maisonette Apartments

If you live in a Maisonette, a perfect design opportunity to creatively display your books and other decorative elements is under the stairs. It’s unique, eye-catching, easily accessible, and does not obstruct the house’s natural flow.

Buy Fold-Down Desks

At present, working from home is the new norm. Setting up your office space is vital. However, due to space constraints, you might not have the luxury of having your office in a separate room. The best solution is to buy fold-down desks that you can install in any room in the apartment. As simple as it is to set up your fold-down desks, they are just as easy to store away when it’s not in use.

Install Built-in Platforms

Built-in raised platforms can be used as a storage space for your homes. It’s a discreet way to store away all your clutter. And the best part is, it’s easily accessible. You don’t need to use a ladder or stand on tiptoes to get the items you want. Simply open the latch, and grab what you need. Additionally, it is not obtrusive and doubles as a common space where the family can sit and lounge about.

What Makes Space Saving Solutions Practical

A good interior designer in Singapore knows how creative solutions can transform the way you live without splurging. Thinking out of the box and repurposing space makes the home cozier and personal and makes the home clutter-free.

With these space-saving tips, you can be more resourceful to maximize space in your HDB homes. Size shouldn’t hinder you from living the way you want. Talk to an internal design firm today to find how they can help you create and customize your home.

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