10 Common Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

10 Common Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Not everyone has been trained in interior design, but most people are still decorating their houses. Inexperience and lack of knowledge make interior design mistakes inevitable.

When decorating a home, you need to consider various design elements, such as colour, lighting, proportions and placement of a space. Each element can affect the appearance of the room. This article guides you through ten of the most common interior design mistakes you should avoid.

1. Bad Lighting

Many people depend solely on overhead lighting, which is a huge design blunder. Unless you want your house to look like a sanatorium, it is best to layer different lighting types. For instance, recessed lamps are suitable for general lighting, whereas floor lamps are suitable for ambient lighting. Accent lights like spotlights are perfect for highlighting photos and artwork. Task lighting is also amazing in the kitchen and study.

2. Placing The Furniture Against The Wall

Back in the days, the back of the furniture used to be unfinished, and it did not look beautiful. Today, the back of the furniture looks as beautiful as the front. Moreover, large furniture is great for dividing the space. You might be amazed at how much space you have after changing the placement of your furniture.

3. Using The Wrong Size Rug

There is nothing worse than buying the wrong size rug; rugs that are too big will engulf the entire room, and rugs that are too small do not help anchor the space. If the furniture floats in the centre of the large room, place them on the rug.

When the furniture is against the wall, all the furniture’s two front legs should be placed on the rug. For a more compact space, a small rug can be placed under the coffee table. Just make sure the length of the rug can cover the length of the sofa.

4. Using Over Or Undersized Furniture

Proportion and scale are critical in residential space planning and interior design. To avoid purchasing mistakes, please measure your space thoroughly beforehand. Use painter’s tape to simulate the placement of furniture so you can check if the furniture is suitable before buying it.

5. Hanging Curtains Too Low

Many people tend to hang curtains over window frames, which has little effect on the home’s overall interior design. Rather, hang curtains from the ceiling to increase space and make the windows look larger. No matter how wide and tall the window is, make sure the curtains can reach the floor as well.

6. Holding On To Hand-Me-Downs

Hand-me-downs can wreck the overall design of your space. Unless you want to create a space that perfectly complements your hand-me-downs items, it is probably time to give them to charities or people who treasure them more than you. Although they have served you for some time, it is time to invest in some pieces that can complement your interior design as a whole.

7. Using Too Many Decors Pieces

Too many good things are bad. In terms of design, it translates to chaos. Therefore, you should only use things that have a purpose or inspire joy. Make your home a world-class museum with carefully selected collections, not a grocery store.

8. Opting For Plain White Walls

Over the years, the trend for white walls has become more popular. However, unless you are an absolute minimalist, do not let your white walls bare since they can appear dull and unappealing. Add interest and dimension through photographs or paintings. For cheaper alternatives, install wall panels to create a dramatic and luxurious effect.

9. Matching The Furniture Sets

The concept of matching furniture set is too classic, not to mention predictable. To create a stylish and eclectic interior that reflects your personality, use your favourite works from different brands and stores to decorate your home. Just be careful not to overdo it. There should be a dominant style that sets the tone for the whole space.

10. Use Balcony Space

In Singapore, space is expensive. Those who are fortunate to have balcony space should maximize the use of the balcony. Do not use it only to dry clothes; create an outdoor lounge, herb garden or use it as an extension of the indoor living area.

Getting Help From A Professional Singapore Interior Design Firm

A professional Singapore interior design firm helps you avoid common interior design mistakes and assist you in creating a design blueprint that fits your space and lifestyle. The best interior design company will also offer professional advice to help you make better home decoration decisions.

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