Say Goodbye to Dirty and Messy Kitchens with Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Ideas

Say Goodbye to Dirty and Messy Kitchens with Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Ideas

Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Ideas

It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re in the kitchen. You have ingredients lying on the table, plates and pans on the stove, and other kitchen appliances in use. Everything gets so busy when you’re cooking up a meal. But the hardest part is the cleaning afterwards. With these foolproof techniques from the best HDB interior design Singapore firm, you can spend less time cleaning and more time pursuing your passion for cooking.

Shop for Easyclean Appliances

There’s a wide range of appliance options to choose from, but if your goal is to reduce the taxing cleaning process, it’s best to choose appliances with a seamless design. In terms of cleaning, details like the knobs and switches make a huge impact. Pay close attention to the overall shape of the appliance, the distance between knobs and other nooks and crannies. As a tip, you should always prioritize functionality over style. A high maintenance appliance can be a hassle to handle.

Choose a Simple Backsplash

When choosing a backsplash, avoid complicated designs like mosaics and tiles that consist of numerous grout lines. It’s easy for food particles to collect in the grouts. Instead, choose full-sheet materials as a backsplash, like steel or glass. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Pick a Good Material for your Countertop

Some countertop materials are a pain to clean. To reduce the stress of cleaning, opt for low maintenance surfaces. Choose from materials like Quartz, granite, or steel. Quartz is a durable and stain-resistant material. Granite is heat resistant and doesn’t scratch easily. Similarly, steel is a solid surface that has a seamless finish. Depending on your budget and preference, any of these countertop surfaces can reduce the hassle of cleaning.

Place Your Trash Bins Strategically

Placing your trash bins in plain sight can be an eyesore in the kitchen. As a solution, keep all recycling bins in rollout shelves under the sink or any easy-to-reach cabinets. Placing them in one area is also convenient as it gives you better access when you need them.

Use Hard-wearing Paint

Choosing the right type of paint is crucial. It sets the tone for the room and is complemented by the appliances and furniture. In the kitchen, it’s important to cover the walls with paint that doesn’t come off easily. Since you’ll be wiping the walls constantly, easy wash paint is the ideal choice to have in your kitchens because of its excellent washable properties.

Say No to Open Shelves

According to a review, open shelves have become a trendy fixture in a home with pros and cons. Although they give you a perfect chance to display your beautiful Chinaware, it’s quite difficult to clean. Open shelves collect dust throughout time, and it requires constant care. Moreover, when you’re frying, grease and food particles can easily splatter on your shelves.

Hide Your Sockets

Much like the open shelves, oil and other particles can make their way to your sockets when left in an open area, which can result in danger. To avoid any accidents, keep your sockets out of sight or install a socket cover. Switches and sockets are an eyesore in the kitchen. Aside from protecting it from dirt, concealing them can make your space look cleaner.

Invest in Glass Stove Tops

Several chefs would argue that gas stoves are the best for cooking. However, glass stove-tops get the job done and are the easiest to clean. They’re flat and thin. They’re not bulky and don’t take up much space. Cleaning them out is as easy as wiping them with a microfibre cloth.

Install Undermount Sinks

To achieve a clean and seamless work surface, you need to install a sink as flat as the countertop as possible. There are two ways to do this, mainly integrated and undermount. Integrated sinks are connected to the countertop and are made of the same material. Because they’re connected, there are no gaps between the sink and counter you need to clean out. However, the biggest concern is the price tag. It can be rather costly to install integrated sinks. Undermount sinks are mounted underneath the countertop. Although it’s not directly connected like integrated sinks, undermount sinks are seamless and easy to clean.


These interior design tricks will help keep your kitchen clean and spotless all the time. You don’t have to worry about hard-to-remove grease and grime when you can use these tips to avoid it! Additionally, with the help of an interior design company, you can better plan your kitchen layout and the arrangement of the appliances according to your needs.

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