4 Compact Yet Stylish Design Ideas for 2-Room HDB Flat

4 Compact Yet Stylish Design Ideas for 2-Room HDB Flat

Design Ideas for 2-Room HDB Flat

A 2 room HDB, also known as a flexi flat, is one of the most affordable living options for your professionals, singles, and elderly couples in Singapore. It measures anywhere from 36 to 45 square metres and contains the standard bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and storeroom. But, because of its space constraints, many find it challenging to infuse style and personality into their HDB apartment.

Fortunately, HDB interior design is versatile. There are many ways to play around with the available space you have. This article will share some simple HDB 2 room flat interior design ideas you can try out.

Install Glass Panels

Since the size is a significant concern for a 2 room HDB, you might want to consider hacking some walls and installing glass panels. By using glass to divide the different rooms, you can get an open view of the entire apartment, giving you a visual spaciousness that was not there previously. As a result, your 2 room HDB will look bigger than it actually is.

Generally, this idea works great for the common areas like the living room and kitchen. However, you need to work closely with an interior design company to determine which rooms glass panels will work perfectly.

Aside from using glass panels as a divider, you can also use them as entryways to different rooms. Consider switching traditional swinging doors to glass sliding doors. This is not only a brilliant idea to make your HDB look more modern and sleeker, but it is also a great way to save valuable space.

Use Large Mirrors On Your Feature Wall

Much like installing glass panels, using large mirrors as feature walls can also make your tiny HDB look bigger With a floor-to-ceiling mirror covering an entire wall, you can effectively create an illusion that can double the size of your apartment. What’s more, it’s stylish and unique.

To take this idea a step further, you can even outline the entire mirror with LED strip lights to make the room brighter. In doing so, you can add more depth to your space.

Add Floating Shelves And Built-in Storage

Another creative way to optimise space and make your home look neat is to have built-in storage or a floating shelf.

On the one hand, built-in storage is customised to the layout of your flat. Because of this, you have more freedom to decide how it will appear. You can personalise it from the material to the size, texture, placement, and finish. As a result, it will be integrated seamlessly into the space and conceal any item you want to keep hidden.

On the other hand, a floating shelf allows you to display decorative items without taking up floor space. As opposed to built-in storage, the goal of the floating shelves is to exhibit items rather than hide them from view. That said, you can place memorabilia or unique finds you want to highlight on the shelves to add more personality into the room instantly.

Have An Open Concept Layout

One of the biggest trends in the industry right now is having an open concept layout. Not only will it make your home more spacious, but it will also make it look chicer and more modern. By removing unnecessary barriers, you can maximise natural light, making your flat airer and brighter. That’s why opting for this treatment with the help of an HDB 2 room flexi flat interior designer can help you reach your flat’s full potential.


If you live in a small HDB apartment, the key is to embrace minimalism while maximising functionality. With these ideas in mind, you can enhance the aesthetic of your apartment while achieving optimal efficiency.

For professional assistance, hire interior design services in Singapore to guide you throughout the HDB renovation process in Singapore.

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