4 Best Kept Interior Design Secrets No One is Talking About

4 Best Kept Interior Design Secrets No One is Talking About

4 Best Kept Interior Design Secrets

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to your old style and welcome something new for 2022. From multiple shades of green to 70s retro and nostalgia, 2022 interior designs embrace creativity and playfulness with colour and style to infuse more personality into a home.

But of course, knowing next year’s trends is one thing. Executing them flawlessly is another. Throughout your renovation process, you might find that recreating trends is not as easy as it seems. While you can go for a trial-and-error approach, it can be costly and impractical. Instead, a better solution is to learn from experts in the field to guide you in your design decisions.

This article will take you through some of their best-kept secrets to ensuring the best condo interior design in Singapore.

Choose A Theme Before Purchasing Any Item

Everyone knows that interior decorating is time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. You might get stumped or feel overwhelmed at the onset because you have no idea how to proceed.

One way to avoid encountering this problem is to choose a theme you love. Whether you get inspiration from trends online or find one item at home you want to highlight, establishing design boundaries with a set direction is key to design efficiency.

Once you’ve determined the theme, you can begin your shopping. Make sure to shop slowly and cleverly. The last thing you want is to buy on impulse and go over your budget.

As a tip, try researching for less obvious shopping places in your area like antique stores and closeout warehouses to find unique items. Shopping in these places promises good value for your money.

Accessorise In Threes

After you’ve gotten the items you need, it’s time to accessorise. Though exciting, this is usually the part where you can easily get carried away and over-decorate. To avoid this, group your accessories into three. This is a fail-proof trade secret interior designers aren’t telling you about.

Three is a magic number to create balance. This rule applies to all design aspects, from the textures to the decorative items. The goal is to create assortment and diversity without being too extravagant.

Stick With Neutral Wall Colours

In terms of colour palette, the rule of threes still applies. As much as possible, you want to incorporate a bright, dark, and neutral colour in your scheme.

For the bright colours, you can opt for blues, greens, oranges, or purples to add a pop of colour to your space. Because of the vibrancy of these shades, you would want to limit this colour to statement pieces like furniture or art. Too many bright colours can make a room look tacky.

On the other hand, dark colours are perfect to offset the brightness and create contrast. As such, integrate dark colours in fabrics, cabinetry, and small accessories.

With so much going on between the bright and dark, you need to create a base that will tie everything together. This is where neutral colours come into play. Painting the walls a neutral colour will work as a blank canvas to balance the different shades.

Take Advantage Of Free Consultations With Expert Interior Design Company Singapore

Consider consulting local interior designers if you’re unsure about your decisions and require expert help. An insider tip that not many people know about is that interior design firms in Singapore offer free consultations before a renovation project, so take advantage of it.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out the proper way to renovate your home, you can seek professional advice. What’s more, many firms offer a resale condo renovation package that can help you get the services you need for an affordable price.


Interior design doesn’t have to be impossible if you know exactly what to do. As much as you’re free to explore and play with your style, you also have to keep in mind the industry’s standards that go beyond the fleeting trends. With these tips in mind, you can execute all future renovation projects with ease and surety.

Contact Style + Space Interior Design now to book a free consultation with our experts. With our services, we can work together to make your condo transformation a success.

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